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Private Equity Depositaries PED Client Portal showcase

We have revolutionised technology for depositary operations.


The one stop shop for communicating with your administrators, clients and investors.


Due Diligence Storage & Verification

Investors can automatically store all their submitted CDD directly into the portal. Interested parties can also review and verify that CDD is still current eliminating the need to review old email chains, archived files, and previous correspondence. CDD updates are therefore unobtrusive for the investor and exceptionally efficient for all interested parties.


Accessibility of historic fund information and documentation

All fund information and reporting from inception to date is stored electronically in the portal. Whether this is legal documentation, investors’ call reports, financials, regulatory and tax reporting, quarterly reports or correspondence. Any accessibility level can be provided to any number of documents to any party, allowing investors, auditors, administrators, lawyers and managers to review what they need when they need it.



Encourages transparency by allowing chosen interested parties access to copies of advisory board minutes, LPAs, investor consents and side letters etc. Utilise the portal as a data room to retain all your fund’s marketing information, draft fund documents, investment manager profiles, road show information for existing or potential investors into the fund.

Private Equity Depositories (PED) Portal Showcase
Private Equity Depositories (PED) Portal Showcase

Data room storage and bespoke access levels to managers, investors and auditors


All FATCA and AIFMD reporting stored within the portal


Key regulatory information, instructions and sanctions notices posted to links to your white labelled portal


Key term sheets for your fund accessible by logging on to your home page

Defining the depositary model

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